Moena: the “Fairy of the Dolomites”
The first "Alpine Pearl" of Trentino

About 80 km from Trento, stands the enchanting alpine village of Moena, the “Fairy of the Dolomites”. Located at 1,148 meters above sea level, is the largest inhabited center in the Val di Fassa and includes the districts of Forno, Medil, Penia, Sorte and Someda.

Surrounded by some of the most extraordinary Dolomitic massifs, such as Latemar, Valaccia and Costalunga Pass, Moena is a pearl embedded in the majestic Dolomites, a Unesco World Heritage Site. It belongs in fact to the "Alpine Pearls", a circuit of 25 touristic locations that extend along the entire Alpine arc just like a necklace, promoting gentle mobility, environmental protection and comfort for an eco-friendly holiday.

Discovering Moena means admiring unique landscapes with breathtaking colours in all seasons. Touching the evidences of a secular culture while walking in search of the "tabià", ancient wooden constructions related to the farming tradition, framed by a sky scratched by millenary mountain peaks.

Get lost in the beauty of a still pure and uncontaminated nature.
Wander surrounded by scented flowers, crystal-clear lakes and grazing animals that populate graceful “malghe”, alpine pastures where delicious cheeses such as “Puzzone di Moena” are produced. Go back to childhood and listen to ancient legends, such as that of King Laurin, then raise your head and fall under the spell of the play of light of the “Enrosadira”, which dyes the surrounding peaks a rosy hue.