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Ladin Traditions
Ladin traditions and customs are an integral part of Ladin culture

Val di Fassa is known throughout the world as the Italy of the

Ladins: here the Italian culture of hospitality joins the ancient Ladin customs and traditions.
Of great interest are the Ladin festivals and celebrations which color the days in every season, arousing the great interest of tourists.
Among the most beautiful, we mention in June the Festival of San Vile, patron saint of Moena, in which the bands of the valleys parade bringing with them music from other times, or again in September the Desmontegada, a day of celebration and parade of the herds returning from summer at high altitude. The Festa del Puzzone is an opportunity to meet with tastings, activities for children and lots of animals. In December, the Krampus Parade heralds the arrival of winter and the holidays....
But there is still so much more....
We are waiting for you to fascinate you with our traditions!